Westral Insulated Products manufacture a full range of insulated copper round and rectangular conductors for use in the electrical repair and OEM business. Our manufacturing system starts out by DRAWING the copper or aluminium rod to a specific round size and then it is ROLLED to a specific rectangular size and finally ANNEALED to specified hardness requirements.

Once the bare conductor has been processed we can insulate with a variety of products and process's according to end user application and specifications. The finished conductor is sold by either Weight or Length and is used by our customers to repair or manufacture electrical motors, generators, transformers and other forms of magnetic coils.

Westral can provide finished conductor to customer specification or to meet individual applications within 24 hours of ordering (depending on wire size and quantity), we can also engineer product to suit the most arduous applications. See below for various product options.


Insulated with:

  • Enamel & Polyester Glass
  • Enamel & Glassfibre
  • Enamel & Mica Paper
  • Enamel & Polyester Film
  • Polyester Glass & Glassfibre
  • Kapton ® (Polyimide Film) & Polyester Glass
  • Kapton ® (Polyimide Film) & Nomex ®
  • Nomex ® & Polyester Glass
  • Mica Paper & Polyester Glass


Insulated with:

  • Enamel & Combinations
  • Nomex ®
  • Nomex ® & Polyester Glass
  • Glassfibre
  • Polyester Glass
  • Kapton ® (Polyimide Film)
  • Paper Combinations

Covering options and build criteria can be to customers requirements. Some insulated section conductors can be ordered and supplied cut to length.

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