Westral uses a range of insulations renowned for their endurance and high performance to create a conductor that meets or exceeds the most arduous application.

Because we draw and roll our own conductor we can provide specific sizes, radius options and hardness levels to suit most applications.

By combining a range of insulating materials Westral can also create a product combination that retains properties to improve overall performance.

Kapton ® Polyimide Film:

  • Used with Polyester Glass or Glassfibre to enhance mechanical properties.
  • Used over Enamel to improve electrical and chemical resistant properties.
  • Used with FEP bonding agent to improve mechanical properties.

Nomex ® Aramid Paper:

  • Used with Polyester Glass to improve bonding ability and mechanical properties.
  • Used over Enamel to improve electrical properties.


  • Used with specific resins for improved mechanical strength, bondable applications and improved electrical endurance.

Polyester Glass:

  • Can be used with most other insulation tapes to improve mechanical strength and flexibility, also to absorb resins for bonding etc.

Enamel Coatings:

  • A range of coating thickness is available from low builds through to very high builds depending on application.
  • Enamel options include 180C Polyester coating for maximum flexibility and 200C high temperature products using Amide-Imide top coats.

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