Westral Insulated Products, an ISO 9001 accredited company, was established in Perth, Western Australia back in the early 1980's as a full service Wire Mill, manufacturing insulated copper and aluminium strip and specialty round wires for the OEM and electrical repair market.

We quickly recognised that there were opportunities within the world wide magnet wire industry to produce better quality product with faster lead times. Using the expertise of our engineering department we began to design and build our own specialised manufacturing machines, equipment that was specific to our particular needs.

This equipment combined with many years of experience in the wire business and our global knowledge of insulation systems has established Westral as the premium choice for round and rectangular specialty insulated copper and aluminium wire. Using expertise from our Technology Centre in Perth we have also successfully implemented cutting edge manufacturing systems in Europe and the USA.

In recent years our focus has been to develop unique technologies specific to the "Fire Resistant Cable" industry. We have done this by combining tape slitting, packaging and tape application into a complete manufacturing system. This innovative system offers a cost effective alternative to "In House" taping by providing faster delivery times and longer continuous lengths of finished taped conductor that meet or exceed customer and industry specifications.

Westral is now supplying cable customers throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia with mica taped conductor, we also supply customers in the USA from our location in Atlanta GA. Current production capacity for our plants is approximately 8000 kms per month of finished taped cable.

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