Westral can provide a range of taped conductors to meet all specifications listed below:

IEC 60331
Fire Test / International Standard
IEC Standards
IEC 60331 - 11
IEC 60331 - 12
IEC 60331 - 21
IEC 60331 - 31
BS 6387
Fire Resistant Standard
BS 6387 Cat C
BS 6387 Cat W
BS 6387 Cat Z
EN 50200
Fire Resistant Standard
EN 50200 PH 30
EN 50200 PH 120
UL 2196 Test for Fire Resistant Cable
This testing standard is conducted in conjunction with standards UL1424, UL1425 and UL1724
AS/NZS 3013
Fire Resistant Cable Test
Standard Inc. AS 1530.4
This standard is used extensively in Australia and Asia, It is one of the most stringent tests available.
SS 299
Fire Resistant Standard
Similar standard to BS 6387 - Inter-changeable standards.

Westral's fire resistant conductors utilising our WFR mica tapes, precision slit widths, low tension packages and state of the art taping machines can provide a fire resistant cable solution for all applications. Our conductor has been tested and approved by leading manufacturers in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and South East Asia.

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