Welcome to Westral Insulated Products Pty Ltd - Mica Cable Division. Westral is a service oriented company providing mica taped conductor to the cable industry; specialising in Fire Protection alarm circuit cable and other types of critical performance cables. We work closely with our customers to develop taping constructions that meet the most demanding specifications.

Technology developed in our R&D department in Perth over the last decade has been used in the development of a range of superior fire resistant cables. We combine the latest in precision slitting, high speed tape package design and state of the art electronic taping machines to produce a cost effective foundation for a variety of critical cable applications.

Westral offers all cable manufacturers a cost competitive alternative to Ceramifiable extrusions used in the manufacture of Fire Resistant cable. We can assist companies who are currently taping in house, with our improved low build, lap registered conductor. Westral taped conductor can be extruded at higher speeds with less waste, providing finished cables with improved performance over longer continuous lengths.

The Westral group is the market leader in fire resistant cable taping and we continue to help cable companies throughout the world with engineering support and product development.

We look forward to working with you on your next project!

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